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Little Greene Windmill Lane

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

A muted green shade with a historical origin, courtesy of our National Trust partnership. Bound on the east by Windmill Lane, Osterley Park is one of the largest open spaces in London, and in it sits a glorious manor house of the same name. Originally built as a country retreat for the banker Sir Thomas Gresham in the mid-1500s, the house was remodelled 200 years later under the direction of celebrated architect Robert Adam. This soft, muted green paint colour, from the main stair and north passage, characterises his exquisite taste and understanding of colour.

Little Greene Whitening

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

Originally created by mixing chalk with water and a binder to make light reflective ceilings.

Little Greene White Lead

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

Lead White is a creamy coloured paint shade that results from grinding lead carbonate with boiled linseed oil. This Georgian paint colour is perfectly suited to the exterior of original sash windows in period properties.

Little Greene Vulcan

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

Sharing its name with the Roman God of Fire, this shade is inherently strong; a deep, charismatic, charcoal grey - with a little warmth retained. Pair this dark grey shade with green shades, Livid or Olive Colour, for a sophisticated scheme.

Little Greene Urbane Grey

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

Urbane Grey is a mid-strength, cool neutral paint colour. This grey shade is ideally suited to the decoration of open plan living spaces. Include Urbane Grey as a focal colour accent in an otherwise white scheme. Or pair with a brighter shade, like Woad, for a powerful yet elegant combination.

Little Greene Tuscan Red

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

Chalky and intense deep terracotta red. This earthy red paint colour derives from a pigment found naturally as a complex oxide of iron, which has been used over the centuries to colour paints and cosmetics. Use French Grey as an off-white complement to this red ochre pigment.

Little Greene Trumpet

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

Trumpet is a 1970s yellow paint colour. An accent colour, derived from the development of strong coloured plastics. Popular when used sparingly in more neutral environments and sometimes used as a joinery colour for flush door faces and architraves, particularly towards the end of the decade and into the early 1980s. Use this bright yellow alongside Loft White, in a brightly-lit, south-facing room for maximum impact. Alternatively, use Trumpet as a colour highlight in an otherwise monochromatic scheme.

Little Greene Travertine

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

In its varied history, Basildon Park has served 150 years as a grand family home, a period as a convalescent hospital in World War 1, an army barracks in World War 2, and even survived an attempt to be dismantled and rebuilt brick-by-brick in America. Fortunately, in the 1950s it came into the philanthropic hands of Lord and Lady Iliffe who endowed upon it a passion for renaissance interiors. This warm neutral paint colour was used on the walls of the Staircase Hall, designed to feel more like a sitting room than a cold corridor.

Little Greene Mid Travertine

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

A mid-strength variation of the popular neutral paint shade, Travertine - Mid sits beautifully alongside its tonal colour scales family. Highlight the warm undertones of this mid-tone shade by pairing with Stock or Joanna in a bright, contemporary scheme. Or create a colour accent alongside Citrine.

Little Greene Tracery II

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

This lighter version of Normandy Grey is a very sophisticated grey green paint colour. Favoured by architects, Tracery II can be used with great style to off-set limestone, marble and granite.

Little Greene Three Farm Green

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

This strong green paint colour originates from the National Trust archives. The West Sussex estate on which Standen House sits was previously three farms, bought in 1890 by James Beale, a prosperous solicitor. He commissioned architect Philip Webb and the designer, William Morris, to build and furnish the home. A fabulous example of an Arts & Crafts House, Standen is adorned in Morris’ distinctive style: wallpaper and fabric patterns, carpets and paint colours. This deep green paint can be seen on the panelling of the Dining Room, a backdrop to the Beale family’s collection of blue and white porcelain. Use Three Farm Green in a colour blocking scheme alongside Aquamarine - Mid and Lamp Black for a striking yet fresh feel.

Little Greene Tivoli

£4.58£158.33 ex VAT

A variation on Tropez Blue and, being cleaner, was a successful foil to darker true blues. For a gentle complement, use alongside Wood Ash.

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